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Reasons to learn Quran

For the Muslim community, the Quran is very noble writing that cannot be compared with any other book. This is the book that contains the word of Allah Almighty, it is the source of any kind of problem for those who believe in it.
It is believed that the Quran brings a lot of teaching and blessing with it. You, therefore, need to understand the writing in this holy book to benefit from its teachings. As it is stated in the Quran, anyone who reads it in hadith shall be rewarded abundantly. Below are other reasons why you should read and understand the Holy Quran.
The holy Quran acts as a source of guidance. Anyone who might feel lost should consider reading the Quran for guidance. Quran acts as the source of direction for anyone who feels lost. The book itself states that Allah Almighty will help you move from any type of darkness to find your path in this life. This means whenever there are difficulties in your life, the best thing you can do to yourself is reading and understanding the Quran.

Of course, many believers believe in the day of judgment. But as it is said, we are all sinners and therefore you might not know where you will find yourself in the day of judgment. But there is good news for those who learn the Quran. This is because the Quran acts as an intercessor on the day of judgment. This should, therefore, be a motivating factor to help you learn your Quran has it will come in handy in the judgment day.
For many humans, we live for the sake of living. Most of us do not know their reason for existence. Whenever you want to know why you exist, the best thing to turn to in the Holy Quran. This is where you will learn to live a purposeful life of serving Allah Almighty. Many verses help you understand the existence of the humans and the universe and what is expected of them.

Quran is the best platform to learn the religion of Islam. There are several learning materials out there, but unfortunately, most of them have been corrupted with additional information. But the Quran contains a pure message from Allah, here nothing has been corrupted and thus you are assured of getting the words of Allah as it should be. You will, therefore, have no doubts about the teaching of the Quran.
Quran can be a communication channel for Allah. Of course, there are several ways you can use to communicate to Allah, but Quran serves as the most effective communication channel to the Lord. With the attractive recitation of the Quran, you can effectively communicate with Allah Almighty. You, therefore, do not need any intermediary to communicate with Allah as Quran is here for that purpose. Once you learn and understand it, it can serve you this purpose optimally.
Once you learn the Quran and recite is, you are assured of getting into paradise. Anyone who recites the Quran regularly will be lead to paradise.

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